Portable White Noise Machine - White

Portable White Noise Machine - White

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  • 10 relaxing sleep sounds
  • Lightweight and compact size (9cm diameter)
  • Warm LED night light
  • Rechargeable USB powered battery

The Porta Wave white noise machine is an essential for parents in search of a portable sound solution, effectively masking disruptive noises and offering a steady, comforting background noise for your little ones as they drift into peaceful sleep!

Crafted for both home and on-the-go use, this sound machine boasts a compact design and features a soft silicone buckle for easy attachment to prams, baby carriers, bassinettes, and more.


Relaxing sleep sounds: Immerse your baby in a soothing environment with 10 sleep-inducing sounds, including white noise, pink noise, heartbeat, relaxation and piano music, thunderstorm, firewood crackling, frog croaking, spring creek, and gentle wave sounds.

Integrated warm LED night light: Create a calming ambiance with the built-in warm LED night light, offering just the right amount of gentle illumination.

Adjustable Volume and Timer: Tailor the sound experience with 5 adjustable volume levels and a convenient 60 or 120-minute timer, ensuring a restful sleep for your little one.

Safety lock switch: A lock switch prevents accidental activation in your bag, providing peace of mind during your travels.

USB charging: Easily rechargeable with the included USB cable, ensuring a reliable and continuous source of soothing sounds.

Parenting is an adventure, and we know that getting your little one to snooze can be a wild ride! Say goodbye to annoying ads and draining your phone battery with the Porta Wave white noise machine. It's not just a sleep sidekick; it's your ticket to a bit of peace and quiet, giving you the chance to sneak in some "you time," whatever that looks like! 

Customer Reviews

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Kallum Hock
Best portable sound machine ever!

First time we used this we took it away camping and it was so useful, we could hang it from anywhere and the noise blocked out all the other sounds. We all had such a peaceful sleep! It’s easy to charge and the battery lasts for ages. I didn’t have to recharge all weekend. We take it everywhere!