Get the perfect fit for your window

Cut-to-Size Blackout Blinds

Elevate your nursery window setup!

Equipped with a measuring tape and marker pen, these blinds are easy to cut down to fit your window space precisely. Say goodbye to unwanted light and hello to customised comfort – creating the ultimate sleep sanctuary for your little one!

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Light blocking blackout material

Our blinds completely block out light, creating a dark and snoozy environment.

Cut to size to fit window

Measure your window and cut the material to the exact size required for the perfect fit.

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Silver reflecting back

Reflect heat and light, to keep your room cooler, cosier and save on energy.

Using your blind


Measure the size of your window with the tape measure provided. Then mark the length and width using the pen, ensuring there is extra fabric to cover the frame, blocking all light.


Cut the blind with caution using sharp fabric scissors.

Attach fasteners

Connect opposing pieces of the hook and loop fastners (Velcro) and attach the loop side to the blind at evenly spaced intervals.

Mount to window

Starting in one corner, gently press the sticky side of the fastener against the window as close to the edge of the frame as possible and work your way round.