Portable White Noise Machine - Mint Green

Portable White Noise Machine - Mint Green

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  • 10 relaxing sleep sounds
  • Lightweight and compact size (9cm diameter)
  • Warm LED night light
  • Rechargeable USB powered battery

The Porta Wave white noise machine is a must-have for parents seeking a portable sound solution, effectively masking disruptive noises and providing a steady, comforting background for your little ones as they peacefully drift into sleep!

Crafted for both home and on-the-go use, this little green sound machine features a compact design with a soft silicone buckle for easy attachment to prams, baby carriers, basinettes, and more.

Key Features:

Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Immerse your baby in a soothing environment with 10 sleep-inducing sounds, including white noise, pink noise, heartbeat, relaxation and piano music, thunderstorm, firewood crackling, frog croaking, spring creek, and gentle wave sounds.

Integrated Warm LED Night Light: Create a calming ambiance with the built-in warm LED night light, offering just the right amount of gentle illumination.

Adjustable Volume and Timer: Tailor the sound experience with 5 adjustable volume levels and a convenient 60 or 120-minute timer, ensuring a restful sleep for your little one.

Safety Lock Switch: A lock switch prevents accidental activation in your bag, providing peace of mind during your travels.

USB Charging: Easily rechargeable with the included USB cable, ensuring a reliable and continuous source of soothing sounds.

Parenting is an adventure, and we understand that the journey of getting your little one to snooze can be a wild ride! Bid farewell to annoying ads and the draining of your phone battery with the Porta Wave white noise machine. It's not just a sleep sidekick; it's your ticket to a bit of peace and quiet, offering you the chance to sneak in some "you time," whatever that looks like! 🌙✨